Friday, May 31, 2013

Cousin Pot Luck

Let's start off with saying, my family is awesome!  We had a cousin pot luck at our house tonight with some of the cousins on the Duncan side. We were missing quite a few, but we were still able to have a grand old time.  Everybody brought their own main dish, and something tasty to share.  After eating and visiting for a while we played, one of my favorites, Times Up. This lovely picture shows a lot of different signs/motions we used throughout the game. He he lots of fun :)
By the end of the evening I was exhausted. The light from my window woke me up bright and early that morning, and with how busy the day was I didn't get a chance to sneak in a nap. Kali and Josi were amazing and helped me clean my house for like 3 1/2 hours that morning, and the afternoon was filled with errands.
The day was full to the brim but I loved all of it. Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

One Ugly Treasure

Tyler and I have been hunting for a white dresser for Parker's room for weeks now and haven't quite found what we are looking for. We found some great dressers that we loved, but I wasn't willing to pay the price for them.  Today after running errands I went and picked up my nieces to come thrift store hunting with me.  We got to DI in American Fork and this ugly treasure was there.  I am really excited to refinish this.  We are going to paint it white, and add new knobs to the front.  I am excited to get it into Parker's room and start getting the nursery set up!
After treasure hunting, and grocery shopping with the girls we headed home.  Kali and Josi said they would be willing to help me clean the next day, and so they spent the night at our house.  Overall it was a successful day.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Day

Tyler started his new job today.  He is now working up in Salt Lake for Fidelity. He didn't really get to know exactly what he will be doing, and what his responsibilities are. So, we'll have to wait and see where things go from here.
I spent my whole day at home. I wasn't feeling so good, and so I didn't really want to go get things done. I took a long nap, and caught up with work on the computer.
After dinner Tyler and I headed over to the church for some good ol' cub scouts. Tyler is the new scout master for our ward/neighborhood. He was really nervous because he hadn't conducted one before, and didn't have much time to prepare.  He did an awesome job though, and I think with some time he is going to be an amazing scout master.
With the day being so insane we took the rest of the night off. We watched a movie, and took advantage of some much needed time off.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Annual Memorial Fish Fry

Today was the "Annual Memorial Fish Fry."  We usually have it at the Beans house, but this year it was held at the Shaw's house, up in Benson. It was great fun spending time with family and enjoying the beautiful weather.
While we were all spending time in the yard, I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of the horses.  Keira was playing on the swings at the time and told me I should take her picture. She was such a doll. She would change her pose every couple shots, and say, "take a picture of me like this."  This one is probably my favorite from the batch.  Such a sweetheart.
Gavin and I drove back down to Orem together after the fish fry was over. Driving with Gavin made me feel old. We were listening to music from when I was in high school, and he kept saying how he thought they were weird, or he hadn't even heard of them. Sad day!
After driving the two hours to Orem I took a 10 minute break at my parents house, turned around, and headed back to Salt Lake to pick up Tyler and Sean from the airport.  I was so sick of the car by the time we were done, but it was great having Tyler back home.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lil' Will

YAY for more photo shoots :)  More of the family showed up today for the weekend's activities. The R.Lee family, and the Millers came up today, and party was in full swing. Due to the fact that it was Sunday, the day was still pretty low key.  After dinner I had a chance to take some fun pictures of this little guy.  Ha ha you should have seen me trying to lay on the ground to get low enough for the pictures.  Betsy really only needed to get one good shot for her wall, and because this little guy is such a happy boy, I only took pictures for maybe 5 minutes before we were done.  Such a cute little guy!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mexican Crunch Roll

After the sleepover with the girls we had to wake up bright and early to make it back to the Millers house by 10:00.  I had to pack all of my stuff for the weekend (the family was headed for Logan), and have the house squared away for being gone over the long weekend. I should have gotten up early. I was running out the door to try and get back to Orem in time, and I was still late.
I dropped the girls off at home and headed strait up to Logan with Mom and Dad.  Once we made our way up to DeAnna's house we took it easy. We actually all ended up taking naps while we waited for the boys to come back from fishing. We were only able to do this cause the whole group hadn't showed up yet.  It was the Shaws, Beans, Mom and Dad, and me for the day.
That evening we went out for Sushi.  I love love love the Mexican Crunch Roll. It has cooked crab, cream cheese, and it's deep fried. Delicious, and safe to eat while pregnant :) YAY!
That night after running some errands the girls watched "dressing your truth," while the boys went fishing. After watching our profiling video, I decided I am a 2-1 type (that will only make sense if you know what dressing your truth is..)

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Sleepover

Today was day two without Tyler being home. My goodness I am not good at this. I know I shouldn't complain because 5 days without Tyler being home isn't that big of a deal....BUT for me it is. I spent the first part of the day being lazy, but by early afternoon I was on a roll. I folded all the laundry, ironed, cleaned the kitchen, and started to clean the floors, but decided I would hold off.
To avoid an empty house I had a sleepover with my nieces. We started the night by having Jenny and the kids over for a movie night.  It was great fun!  We ate pizza, had donuts and ice cream bars, and watched a movie.   The boys watched Wreck it Ralph, and the girls watched the second half of Breaking Dawn.
Kali, Josi, and Allie stayed after the movie was over and spent the night with me. I am not as cool as I used to be. I was planning on being the cool aunt and staying up late with them and doing fun stuff, but I was so tired after we painted our nails I just went to bed. I was exhausted!
Overall, it was a great day, fun and productive.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Lunch With Jess

Jess and I went to lunch today!  It was great being able to catch up and just chat. We went to Los Amigos in Provo.  Every time I go I think it's going to be a good idea, but it's never quite as good as I want it to be, and it usually end up going right through me. Lesson learned, I don't like Los Amigos; I am a Los Hermanos fan, and I will stick with that.
Even though the food was kinda lame it was great catching up with Jess. We have been doing a better job at staying in touch and so we were able to talk about random stuff about life instead of trying to cram the important stuff in (which never seems to work.) Jess has been one of my very best friends for the past 6-8 years, and am so grateful to have her in my life.
We did take a picture while we were together but they both were awful! My face is super puffy, and the sun was bright so my eyes sorta disappeared! So, it's cheating and mildly ridiculous, but this is one of my scrapbook pages just after high school.  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Girlie Lunch

I haven't seen some of my dear friends in a long time due to being so busy.  Laura (not pictured) decided it was about time we got together, and we invited a few of our other friends to join us. It was so good to have some girl time, and get together. Amanda (middle) is amazing and working at a rehab center for woman with addictions, Sarah (right) is super talented and is headed down to Arizona this summer to be a full time art teacher, and Laura (forgot to take the picture before she left) is headed on some great adventures to Belize with Help International for a few weeks this summer!  It was great catching up :)  It definitely needs to happen more frequently.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Owen Day Lee

Kenny and Jamile had their 2nd little boy today.  My newest nephew, Owen Day Lee. He is an adorable little boy, and it makes me very anxious to get Parker here.  Parker and Owen are going to be great little buds.  Owen is number 19 for my parents in the line up of grandkids.
We got to go and visit at the hospital today. It was so fun holding this little guy, and also just watching Tyler hold him. I am extremely excited to have Parker here, but holding Owen made me realize how nervous I am too. Owen started to choke a little when I was holding him and so Kenny told me to turn him on his side so it could drain out of his mouth, and he would be fine.  He was, but it made me realize I don't know what I am doing. I didn't know you were supposed to do that! What other things do I not know about that I still need to learn!?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Walrus Flippers

I know I posted a pictures of my swollen feet a few weeks ago but this is seriously impressive.  My whole body is just puffy!  I was hoping I could avoid that aspect of pregnancy but I didn't. I have great blood pressure, and the pregnancy is nice and healthy. So, I have nothing to worry about with the puffiness. I just have to work around the inability to wear any shoes, and my feet look like flippers (like a Walrus, says my brother Richard)
This picture was taken after two hours of nursery.  I love my calling, but my goodness I am exhausted, and am ready to be off my feet by the end of church.   I also feel so guilty when I sit down and there are kids running everywhere.  I'll find a balance at some point!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chloe's 2nd Birthday Party!

After going to Jenny's chocolate party we headed up to Chloe's 2nd birthday party.  It was Arial themed, and Chloe is such a doll!  We had a ton of fun spending time with friends, and enjoying some great food.
Before we left we had to get a picture, of course. Jess is sporting her new haircut too :)
Happy Birthday Chloe! :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Chocolate

Every year for mother's day, Jenny makes homemade truffles and chocolates for the sisters in the family.  She is a true chocolatear (yes that is a real thing.)  She has been adjusting her chocolates and has been perfecting them over the last ten years!  They are to die for.
Today Tyler and I went and visited while she made the truffles with her new tempering machine.  It was fun to chat and visit with the family as Jenny made dozens and dozens of chocolates :)

Thanks Jenny!  Happy Mothers Day! :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lilac Bush

 As you climb the stairs in our house there is a window that looks out on this beautiful lilac bush.  Lilac bushes remind me of my mom and how much she loves them.  Ever since I was a kid I have loved lilacs, the smell, the colors, the blossoms. My bush is in full bloom, and I love it. I have been opening the window to let the breeze pull the wonderful smells into the house.
I am excited for my other plants in the yard as well. I have planted some daisies from seed (which are now finally sprouting), I have 3 hanging pots with purple wave petunias, and 1 hanging pot with red wave petunias.  I have so many plans and ideas for the yard and garden, I have been dying to go out and work.   Other than just a few small things that I can handle, I am going to have to wait until next year...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Parker's New Crib!

Tonight we put the babies crib together. Last night Tyler and I pulled up tons of websites, selected all the cribs we liked, and then narrowed down which ones were our favorites.  The crib was Tyler's mother's day gift to me (because we already needed a crib, we just expanded the budget so we could get what we wanted).  We are going to use this crib for all of our kids, and so we wanted to make sure it was sturdy and we were going to really like it... We love it!  I am excited to get the rest of the nursery put together.  I know I cheated with putting up more than one picture, but Tyler looks really happy, he is one handsome dad!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Everett Duncan

My sweet grandpa passed away last Friday, April 26, 2013.  He was just shy of turning 94.  My grandpa was a wonderful man, and a true example to everyone who knew him.  When I was 14 he gave me my patriarchal blessing, a very special experience and even more special because my grandpa was the one to be the mouthpiece. He was also the one who sealed me and Tyler together when we got married.  He gave us the advice to always strive to be better in our relationship, to always ask what we can do better.  We are continually doing just that.
Today was his funeral.  It was absolutely beautiful, and a wonderful tribute to him.  This is a picture of my grandma, the kindest woman I know.  I want to take full advantage of spending as much time with her as I can. She is almost 92, and after spending nearly 72 years with grandpa, she doesn't want to be apart from him any longer than necessary.
Grandpa Duncan left behind, a loving wife, 9 children, 61 grandchildren, 164 great grandchildren (and counting), and 4 great great grandchildren.  He has over 300 decedents.  All (minus a few) are all active members of the church, and many have gone on missions.  So much good has come about because these two wonderful people fell in love, and made it a priority to teach their family,

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Winds of Change

Becky flew into town last night to spend time with the family before the funeral this weekend. We spent the day visiting and helping mom get pictures of Grandpa put together for the display tables. It was great having Becky around. I miss seeing her, and her little (not so little) family on a regular basis. Today was a reminder that we'll have to webcam more often.
We spent the evening at Duncan's baseball game. Such a funny handsome kid. We tried to be as supportive as possible but once the sun went behind the mountains it was freezing. We pulled the car up so we could watch the game from the car. Jenny, Becky, Carillisa, Tyler, Jaz, and Me all piled into the pilot and visited while we watched Duncan play.

After Duncan's game, Tyler and I headed home and discussed Tyler's employment, and what we thought we should do. Tyler received an offer at a new company, and we had some big decisions to make. After weighing in all of the different pro and cons we decided that taking the new job was the best decision. Change is scary, but we both feel like its a good decision.  Crazy... He accepts the offer tomorrow, and tell his boss at the church on Monday.