Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Texas Holdem

Bean is helping us out with our loan for getting our house. Tonight after work and school, Tyler and I had a large stack of papers we needed to sign. We headed down to the Bean's house after dinner, and signed and signed till our little hands hurt!  After getting business taken care of, we played some poker with Lee's and the Beans.. Tyler swooped in at the end and took it all. It was a fun to just relax and have some fun with family!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

J- Yum

I bought "Tyler"  some J-Dawg sauce for Christmas and we finally used it tonight. This pictures doesn't show this well but oh my goodness it was delicious. After a long day it was a perfect way to settle into being home.
I went to two of classes, which I think I will enjoy, I went to the grocery store, made sure I was set up for graduation in April, and studied for a class I need to test out of!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Soggy Lions

After spending a nice visit with the Miller's for home evening Tyler and I headed home to find Kenny and Jamile in a panic. For the past week or so the Lees haven't been able to use their shower because the pipes had frozen.  They turned on the water and put a heater in the bathroom, hoping to thaw out the pipes.  They also took off the shower head.  After three-four days of no luck, Kenny decided he would just  have to wait til it warmed up a bit outside before he continued.
Okay, now back to the panic...We got home to find the bathroom had flooded and it was a mad rush to fix the problem. Apparently Kenny got home about ten minutes before us to find his bathroom an inch deep in water and it was still coming.  The pipes had finally unfrozen, but the drain however had not! When he had decided there was no luck a few days back he turned of the heaters but forgot to turn off the shower head. It was on full blast.
As our bedroom is right under the bathroom we quickly checked to see if there was any damage in our room we moved upstairs.  There were bubbles of water showing up in different parts of the ceiling.  We threw a few a towels down to protect our bed before we ran upstairs to fix the source of the problem.
After the worse was over upstairs I ran downstairs to find the small bubbles behind the paint had turned to big pockets of water.  I grabbed buckets and towels to try and drain the water out.  After poking a small hole in each of the pockets, I let the water drain, and then tried to soak up the rest with the towels.
It's a good thing I went downstairs when I did. The biggest pocket was above our bed and ready to burst. It had already started to soak through the towel.
I was a crazy 45 minutes.  It was a good thing we caught it when we did or it could have been much worse..
Now, you may be asking what my picture has to do with this story. Well, let me tell you! Because our room was going to need to be fixed and there was still some dampness in the room we moved our bed out to the living room.  The water had soaked our bed spread and blanket, and so, after putting on new sheets we went searching for blankets big enough to fit on our bed. We found two awesome lion throws to cuddle under for the next week or so.  He keeps me safe ;)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Disney's Times Up

One our very favorite games is "Times Up."  We love playing the game with the family but sometimes it can be tricky when there are difficult cards with the younger kids. SO, we decided we should make our own version of the game.  We made about 60 cards of different Disney songs, quotes, titles, and other random aspects.  It should be a lot of fun playing with the game.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Myking Mckeem

This may not be a very good picture but I couldn't help myself. Josh Loves Myking Mckeem (lighting McQueen.)  He has a car in one hand, his stuffed car in the other, his is under his McQueen blanket, all while he is watching "Cars."  This little guy loves cars more than any kid I know, and that really says something! I have nephews.  
Today was pretty much dedicated to errands and relaxing at home for the evening. So, enjoy this little guys!

Friday, January 4, 2013

16 Weeks

Today was pretty close to a pointless day!  I am still trying to get over from being sick and that means I didn't really do anything with my day.  The only thing productive that I did all day was make dinner, and fold one load of laundry.  I did however get a picture of my 16 week bump.  It's not big at all but that is a legit bump :)  Due to being sick I decided I would cut my head out of this frame!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Loch Lomond

* I only did videos on my phone, but these are the pictures from the listing*

Last week we walked through a house that we both fell in love with. We could finally envision ourselves living in a house we walked through. We have been through about 45 in the last year.  Once the walk through was over we made an offer. It had only been on the market for a day and we wanted it! We made an offer and by the next morning the sellers had accepted and we were on our way to owning our first home. :)
Today we did the house inspection and it went better than I could have wanted. We were both very nervous because it is so close to the lake. What if there was water damage or a faulty foundation due to water? Lots of questions.. When we came to the home after the inspection our inspector just smiles and said we had nothing to worry about.  We were safe to move forward!  Such a relief and now the excitement can replace any questions :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out Sick!

January 1-2

I am so done being sick. I had the flu through Christmas and have been suffering from a cold since! I have almost gone through an entire roll of toilet paper to take care of my stuffy nose! Good heavens I am done with this. Oh well..